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  • Cowboyflowers181

    so I'm looking at this page and for my problem there must be something not configured right in my FloristWare settings.  When I am done taking the order it does not take me to the page that states "take care of pending orders.   So can you help me fix this

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  • Deborah Woodcock

    There are two things to check when you have issues.

    1. Check Username/Password in Setttings - you may need to call Flower Shop Network to verify your details.

    In FloristWare go to Manager Level > Settings > Lists > Wire Services, click to Edit (or Add) Flower Shop Network


    1. Check that Flower Shop Network has you on the FloristWare interface at their end.

    Call Flower Shop Network and tell them you want to Send/Receive your orders via FloristWare.


    Please note, you can NOT use both F2F (Flower Shop Network) and FloristWare Send/Receive - you must use ONE only.

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